iConent Keychain

Excel in data privacy regulatory research

Under most data privacy regulations, companies need to give users more explicit control over what data are collected about them, how data is used, and whether the data can be retained. One of the values we believe in at Privacy One is

All data should be pseudonymized throughout any data processing mechanisms

To achieve that we have become mastery first in legal and tech languages. With thorough study of data legislations, regulations globally especially the most recent high-bar regulation GDPR and deep understanding of complex data storage and processing systems. Privacy One has built an infrastructure that will not only make your business fully compliant with data privacy regulations at low cost but also secure your business critical data from leaks and sabotage.

Legally speaking, our service aims to cover the full spectrum of regulation requirements. We are missioned to put data privacy legal puzzles together by instrumenting all update-to-date legislations. Choosing our service make your strategy for complying with the data privacy regulations become as effortlessly as adopting a proxy. We delegate all legal compliance research work for your business. As a return, you get elevated trust, loyalty and retention from your customers.

Stay away from data regulatory violation or leak

Technologically speaking, our system is built upon both standardized technology in the IT industry and cutting-edge mathematical model that employs the most sophisticated and updated privacy study. At Privacy One, we’re committed to helping you along your journey to data privacy regulatory compliance. Before adopting our infrastructure, your data processing system appear to be like any variation of the following diagram. This type of infrastructure is subject to both data privacy regulation violations and potential data leaks which can strike your user trust and your business financially.

With Keychain one-click cloud service and an easy SDK integration into your current data processing system, we ensure your customer data is private, compliant, and secure throughout the entire data pipeline. Above all, our systems provide industry standard reliability and scalability.